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Peer-learning workshop for Entrepreneurship Education experts

On 5-7 November 2019, JA Europe organised a second EU peer-learning workshop on Entrepreneurship Education hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in Tallinn, gathering 61 participants from 12 COSME countries. Over two days, stakeholders from Ministries of Education, Ministries of Economic affairs and other governmental bodies, business organisations, non-profit sector representatives and educators shared knowledge and practical experiences on Entrepreneurship Education.

The following countries were involved: Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Workshop participants had the opportunity to hear from an Estonian Founder and entrepreneur, Martin Villig, about concrete involvement of the business sector in developing the Estonian education system and the skills set of the young people. Both the Estonian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economic Affairs presented their perspective on the Entrepreneurship Education strategy and its implementation: every school in Estonia will teach entrepreneurship in 2030!

The workshop results will feed into European level policy-recommendations on future policies and actions to develop Entrepreneurship Education due in 2021.