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JA Global Leadership Conference 2019

More than 250 JA staff members from 75 countries globally gathered in Berlin for the first ever JA Global Leadership Conference hosted in Europe. During the conference, participants listen to keynote speakers, participated in hands-on workshops and had the opportunity to network, learning and discussing with their peers from all over the world. It was also the end celebration of the Centennial.

The globalization of the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass was launched during the Global Leadership Conference of JA Network on 19 November 2019. The introductory presentation was done during three different sessions: JA Marketplace, Strategy Panel and one break-out session. The sessions covered presentations about ESP including an overview of the certification process, benefits to all target groups and adoption process.


  • Workshop: Accelerating Social Transformation—a thought-provoking experience designed for professionals working in the social-development space.
  • Keynotes: Cameron Sinclair, architect, designer, writer, and pioneer of socially responsive architecture; Julie Carrier, a trusted authority on leadership development and confidence, who discussed “The Power of Why.”
  • Services Awards including 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year awards, plus one award for 25 years of service, and another extraordinary award for 45 years with JA!