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Arconic Foundation Innovative Recycling and Reuse Award Online Final 2020

Throughout the school year, ‘Inventing the future ‘, an initiative of JA Europe and Arconic Foundation, exposes secondary school and VET students from France, Germany, Hungary and the UK to different issues and challenges related to material innovation in the manufacturing industry.

This year, Arconic Foundation supported the Innovative Recycling and Reuse Award as its mission is to help prepare tomorrow’s workforce for careers that advance the future of manufacturing while keeping communities strong and vibrant.

During the 2019 – 2020 academic year, student companies have been working to find a solution to the increasing volumes of waste generated by a growing global population with improving living standards. 4 national winning teams, one per each country, participated to the online competition final on the 3rd of June 2020 after having competed against other teams at national level thanks to the JA Marketplace. WUDZ, the team from Germany, impressed the jury made by high level executives of Arconic and Arconic Foundation – such as Ryan Kish, Vice President and Treasurer of the Arconic Foundation, Jasper van Zon, Senior Director of Communications Europe and Asia at Arconic and Françoise Frost, Human Resources Director for the Europe, Russia and Asia region at Arconic – and won the 2020 Award.