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GEN-E : JA Europe Enterprise Challenge & Company of the Year Competition 2021 – Hosted by JA Lithuania

This year, we have merged our flagship events, the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge and the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition, for the very first time making it one big festival. Gen-E was born. Gen-E is Europe’s largest Entrepreneurship Festival and a celebration of youth entrepreneurship and of the achievements of Europe’s students, who showcase their cutting edge business ideas and are recognised with prestigious awards and special prizes. Gen-E is all of us—Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z—Europeans who believe in the importance of Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment. The ones who choose action over stagnation and see every challenge as an opportunity. A new Generation of Entrepreneurs, of heroes who change things and challenge the world for the better. About 350 students showcased their products during the virtual expo and competed for the Public Choice Award. More than 120 of them were interviewed by the different juries and participated in networking and coaching activities. The winners were announced during the Awards Ceremony on July 15th, United Nations World Youth Skills Day.

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