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BNY Mellon Digital Innovation Award Online Final 2020

The online final competition that took place on the 15th of June brought together finalists from ten countries who pitched their digital ‘mini companies’ for the Digital Innovation Award, organised by BNY Mellon and JA Europe. More than 4000 young students from Europe (Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK) and the Middle East (UAE) participated to the activities in the 2019-2020 academic year, supported by just under 250 BNY Mellon volunteers.

The Award and the competition were created to increase learning opportunities related to digital skills. Starting from February, a customized online platform, the JA Marketplace, allowed young people who were running JA student companies to register and create their own student company profile. From this profile, they could showcase and market their products, interact and learn from other students across Europe. The same platform gave them the chance to compete in educational and fun competitions against other student companies, such as the BNY Mellon Award.

Hundreds of student companies registered on the platform and 35 of them joined the online competition supported by BNY Mellon to select the company with the best digital product, services or digital process innovation. The companies passed through a 3-step process: a pre-selection made by JA Europe, an international shortlisting session with 7 representatives of BNY Mellon coming from 6 countries that selected the 7 finalists and the online final competition. The jury of the final was made of senior executives from BNY Mellon together with Leonique van Houwelingen – CEO of BNY Mellon European Bank.

This year’s award went to student company Mistral from Belgium. Their product aims at enabling users to control indoor air and to take action when its quality is poor thanks to concrete solutions. Mistral evaluates the concentration of four chemical species (NOx, VOC, CO and CO2) and calibrates measures with a humidity and temperature sensor.